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Oct 25 2012, 3:03 am by KalaniStorm
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10/25/2012 02:37:26

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07/12/2013 04:56:10
Morgandy: We haven't really had a big problem with the buggies due to staying in drier climates like Az, Nevada and California. We did start getting bugs a couple of months ago, mostly moths but some mosquitos. The one thing we learned was shut the doors and windows about a half hour to an hour before dark, you don't think they are coming in but as soon as we turn the tv on, there are a million of those suckers all over the van. We got some good flying insect spray that smells good, not chemically like usual spray. We were also gifted a big screen but don't have a lot of metal to put magnets on so we haven't put it up yet. We might try to sew on some velcro...we LOVE velcro! We just close down early and try not to open the doors for anything after they are closed. Sorry I can't help more on that...but you can always come to the West where no bugs = the best!!!

07/11/2013 20:01:02
Good to see some van dwellers on here.  Although we are not full time dwellers yet, we take our fair share of roadtrips stealth camping in our van.  One issue that we keep encoutering is mosquitoes and insects. We've used some bug screens on the rear vent windows, but they kept falling down. We're trying to explore other options for applying bugscreens on the inside of the van windwos. What have you found to work the best?

12/26/2012 03:47:41

KalaniStorm wrote:
We love Jeff the Canuck too! Glad to meet ya friend. If you have any questions just feel free to ask! That's what we're all here for I think!


Hey! How are you doing? I have seen all of Jeff the Canucks videos and with his voice and environments its pretty interesting...

If you get some time check out on YouTube:

VW Bus Tour: American Bohemia Feature Film Rocumentary

it is Awesome! Actually it has won a few awards.. neat story. I haven't taken the plunge yet... but i am trying to make progress everyday... I am hoping for late summer '13 or early spring '14... seems so far away! thanks for writing me! talk soon! :)

10/25/2012 02:51:48

Nu-travelers here! We write about our daily doings at 2completespirits.com

Hope to see you down the road sometime!


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