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EVDO Mobile Broadband from Verizon or Sprint; Apple Mac/OSX/iPod

I'm a mobile broadband consultant and can answer many questions about internet access for RVers

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07/29/2009 00:11:37

07/28/2009 23:14:35
Ken Hunt back again. I bought and installed the package you reccommended.  Sorry it wasn't from you but, saved about $150.  I get no signal improvement or any indication of any kind.  How can I check the performance of the unit?  I do own a multimeter and am familiar with electronics.  Are there some test I might run to check out operations of the unit?  The two green lights on the amp are lit as well as the other light right below them.  There is approximately a 10' seperation between the antennas and the directional one is pointed away from the outside omni.  Help, Please.

06/17/2009 12:18:10
Just wanted to say thanks for your help and that I ended up with the directional flat panel antenna afterall, you were right, I misread the data.  Sorry I didn't buy from your site but found it about $200 cheaper with free shipping.  Again, thanks a lot for your help.  Now to get it installed by myself.

06/13/2009 19:41:25
Have found another Wilson Indoor Omni Antenna, it is the 301121.  Was wondering how good it will work with the 301245.  I read the the directional indoor antenna required 20 ft separation and pointing away from the outdoor antenna..  I can get the whole setup, less the indoor extension cable, for $395 + tax.

06/04/2009 19:30:47
Just got back from your site and saw a pkg for 339.90.  Was wondering if I sub the Yagi 15DB Ant if that system would work well or not  It uses Amp part #801201 and comes with ext ant. and int omni xmit ant

06/04/2009 18:58:38

Hey there, Kevin said if I wanted to know what the best amp/repeater to get for my RV, That you are the person to talk to.  What I'm looking for is a wireless Amp/repeater to boost my signal for both our Cells and Aircards.  I've read about several different ones ranging from $250 to about $400.  I want it to be wireless and able to handle atleast 4 devices at the same time.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  I'm in Tn right now with about 1 bar of signal at times.



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