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We are completely out of our element and that’s the best part.

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46 years old
United States

lexington, VA

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RV INFO: Class A Motorhome
ROAD STATUS: FTNH - Fulltimer No House
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Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Costa Rica.
Southern Road Trip in our Honda:

In our first year out, we re-connected with old friends and all of our family. This year we have met up with these fine folks:
Brian & Maria (aka Trippin With Stanley aka The Roaming Pint)
Bill & Debby Kasson (aka BeBe)
Sam & Tracy Morrow (aka Zen Nomads)
Jenn & Johnny (aka Hitek Homeless)
Keith & Tricia (aka Geeky Explorers)
Chris & Sarah Baxter

Free Wifi, books and coffee.



We sold our house, quit our nine to five jobs and went into business for ourselves. Got rid of all of the useless crap weighing us down, bought an old motorhome and hit the open road.

It’s OUR American dream, sans the white picket fence.

Will you trade this HTML for two hot dogs and a tank of gas?

We still enjoy our web development and graphic design careers, and it’s a good thing because gas and hot dogs aren’t free. Our motor home office provides the space and the handy internet keeps us connected.

Our aluminum house is a tornado magnet.

In December 2009 we purchased a 1988 Lazy Daze Motorhome. It has a beautiful rear lounge, mid-bath floor plan. Complete with refrigerator, stove, pull out beds, house batteries, AC, heat, shower and a flushing toilet.

We didn’t know it, but this was about to get ugly. In short, we had ourselves a 22 year old, 14,000 lb, fuel hog, poo storage, house on wheels. It’s big and drives like a overgrown mammoth on a toddler toboggan. It leaks, squeaks and spews from places we never knew existed.

Roll your sleeves up, ’cause anything that can go wrong will, indeed. Somewhere far from a repair shop, in the Yosemite Valley or on an interstate in the middle of Pennsylvania. Our gray water tank fell out while driving one day and we melted our breaks on a 6% grade the next.

It’s the price tag for taking the road less traveled, seeing beautiful scenery and remote destinations. We are completely out of our element and that’s the best part.

So far we’ve found ourselves camped in parking lots, truck stops and Walmarts far more often then national parks. We started this blog while shacked up behind an auto mechanic shop, waiting for our ‘new’ 1988 Catalytic Converter to arrive. Ah, experience!

One would have no way of knowing they loved a 67 foot tall Jesus in the Arkansas Ozarks or a Pittsburgh “stacked” sandwich with fries, slaw and pastrami layered in each lip-ripping bite, until they found themselves there.

Driving in the Yeti. Urban camping, Beer, Hot dogs, Neon Signs, Ol' skate spots, Campfire cooking, Crawtaters, Cyber hitchhikers, Binary Mountaineering.

State and Federal Parks are really awesome. Arizona, New Mexico, and New York are unbelievable and unexpectedly awesome places to camp.

We don't have many poor experiences but we do find that KOA is too pricey for full timing.

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11/05/2010 18:28:16

Greets CheddarYeti! Welcome to NuRVers - happy you have joined us here!

Dig your blog. I, too, am a hot dog fan. There is a classic hot dog hangout close to where we are now - The Happy Hound. Awesomess in a bun - or other vessel :)


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