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10 Cruises, total of 15 yrs over seas in Europe, Far East and Mideast.

Too many tremendously great people to try and mention them all and we have only been traveling since Feb 09


04/23/2009 00:53:06
12/17/2008 18:38:18

Retired Chief Warrant Officer (USArmy)
Retired Litton Corp
Retired RadioShack Managment
Drawing SSI
Do what I want to do, when I want to do it and only if I want to do it!!

RVing, Golf, Fishing and Hunting

Bah! Golden Pond RV Park Shirley Ar

Treasure Lake RV Resort Branson
Doll Mountain Corp of Engineer Ellijay Ga

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07/28/2009 23:50:08
suggest you contact the company you bought from to get technical support. hope they can help you, or at least refund the purchase.

06/15/2009 21:16:12

the panel antenna is the one that requires LESS separation. as little as 8 to 10ft.

its that dome antenna that requires 20+ ft of separation and it has very little range. at best you can expect 6 to 10ft range from dome.

i would never sell that dome to any of my RV customers... i value them too much.

06/04/2009 20:17:56

The $340 kit you saw was probably this one:


that already uses a directional high-gain receiving antenna... if you wanted to use the more powerful http://3gstore.com/301124 (15dB Sprint Yagi), you'll need a http://3gstore.com/971128 - (N to F connector).

please note -- the directional receiving antenna makes this repeater suitable for when you are parked at your destination and NOT useful when driving down the road.

additionally, this is an entry level kit -- not the 'best' solution. you'll find my recommendations at http://3gstore.com/RV

06/04/2009 17:05:25

Braveheartsr wrote:

Kevin,  I am looking to get an amplifier/repeater for our cellulars and aircard.  I believe I read a while back that you got one.  Any suggestions/recommendations on which one might work best.  You have my email and/or cellular, either is fine.  THANKS


Hi Ken! Hope all is well in your part of the world!

I suggest getting in touch with EVDOAlex and talking to him about your needs. He will have some good suggestions based on what you have and what you need. 

Let me know what you end up going with!


05/02/2009 02:22:16
Any one that might be interested in looking at our other site here is the URL. braveheartsr.multiply.com JUst copy and paste and you'll be there in a flash.  Peruse and leave any comments you might have.  I can delete them if they get to bad lol.  Travel Safe All

05/02/2009 02:13:38


Apr 23, '09 11:01 PM

Wow, this park is fantastic!  It's not open to the public, but since we
are part of RPI, another one of our Thousand Trail partners we are able
to stay here for $10.00 a night.  I'll give this place 5 Stars! 
Is great.  There's something to do on every corner.  My family came
from this part of Mo so it brings back many fond memories.  One of my
first memories, around 5 years old, was driving up to my Uncles farm
and seeing my Aunt wringing a chickens neck.  I was horrified, but I
never stopped eating chicken.  When I was around 12 years old we went
to a park and cave near Branson called "Silver Dollar City and Marvel
Cave".  To get to the cave we went through the park and rode the stage
coach, toured houses from the 1800's and went through a house where you
walked on the walls.  I've always wanted to go back and here we are. 
We spent 2 days touring this great park (it's come a long way since.  
when it opened).  We've toured the area, Table Rock Lake, Roaring
River, and many other towns.  Lots of cows and horses here, like Ar and
Tx, only with rolling hills that are green and beautiful.
went to the Sight and Sound Threatre and saw "Noah", oh my God, it was
fabulous!!!!  We attended a dinner and show called "Dolly Partons Dixie
Stampede"  which was worth seeing.  I'd love to come back here at
Christmas to see the shows and just enjoy the atmosphere.  Anyone can
come to Branson, there's no foul language or sex in any of their
shows.  They consider Branson the family capitol of the USA.  If you
take the time to attend 90 minutes of sales on condos, land, or
vacation clubs, you can get highly discounted tickets to shows.It's
worth listening to their pitch. 
Another attraction that's worth seeing is the Titanic.  There is a replicia of the original that's half the size
 and it was amazing.  I thought it would be cheezy but it wasn't!!!!!

05/02/2009 02:07:36

for everyone

 We spent 4 days in the hills of Arkansas
and what beautiful country it is.  Our camp site was nice, really small
park, but perfect for what we needed.  Met a great lady, Shirley
Strawn, who lived at the park.  She found a perfect diamond at the
Diamond Crater in 1990.  If you go on the internet and look for the
Strawn-Wagner diamond you can see pictures of her and back ground on
the diamond.
Washington, AR is called
"Historic Washington Park" because of all the 1800 buildings and
antiques.  We went on a fasinating tour of the town, ate homemade food
better than Cracker Barrel, and just had a great day.
visited a giant magnolia tree in Washington, AR that was planted in the
1800's.  Believe it or not, this is only one tree!  Wish it had been in
bloom so we could smell the flowers.  Ken's family comes from AR so the
magnolia tree brought  back fond memories.
reason for our coming to Murfreesboro is to look for diamonds at the
"Diamond Crater", and to our sorrow we found none, or if we did see any
we didn't know what we were looking at.  We had a great time playing in
the dirt and imagining what we would do with the money if we found the
big one. HA 
you can see, the mine looks like nothing but a plowed field.  The
largest diamond found here is 40.23 carats.  The day before a man
staying at the same camp we did found a 2.63 carat diamond.  They are
there, we just didn't have the luck to find one.
last picture is what I've been doing while watching TV, knitting hats
and scarves.  My new hobby.  Isn't that pathetic. HA  Oh, I said
watching TV, that can be tricky since we sometimes have no TV,
satellite or local.  I will admit I get pretty ticked off when I can't
see CSI and NCIS.  I'm writing this as we drive from Murfreesoro, which
is in the southwest part of AR to Branson, Missouri.  What a beautiful
trip this has been!

05/02/2009 02:03:48

Apr 8, '09 11:51 AM
for everyone
We drove up and said "oh my gosh, this is too beautiful, we have to
stay at least 10 days instead of 5 and we are.  We camped right on the
lake with beautiful trees and the sunsets are awesome!  We have had a
few really cold and windy days where we had to stay inside so we went
to Garland to have Kens glasses repaired.  We've also been Geo
caching.  You can't believe all of the cows, horses, and lakes here.  I
haven't seen a deer, but we did get excited when we saw a cow humping a
horse. HA  Ken and I ride our bikes and walk the dogs and relax. 
Mostly relaxing to Ken means playing on the computer and for me it's
making hats and scarfs.  We did go to Canton to the largest flee market
in the US and got a lot of craft ideas.  I thought I'd never find a
hobby, but here I am jumping right into it.  One of the most exciting
times was going into Hobby Lobby and finding all of the yarn on sell
for $1.19 each, which I immediately filled up my cart with $60.00
worth.  Can you imagine?     

The first picture is from the back of our RV looking at the lake.

sign is from the Hamburger place that was fabulous!  Double meat,
double cheese, double bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, chili, and jalapeno on
top.  As you can see, they call it the Big Ass Burger, I call it "it
eat and your ass will be bigger".  Please see a picture of my big ass,
excuse me, the big ass burger below.

The last picture is Ken, Sue, and myself on a cold and windy day geo caching. 

05/02/2009 02:02:18

Apr 8, '09 11:02 AM
for everyone
What a beautiful place!  It reminds me of Medina except it's greener
and there are no deer.  Lots of Cedar trees which can be good and bad. 
Ken did have a little bout with allergies, I was fine.  We couldn't see
the lake from our RV, but could walk down to the shore.  Whitney was
the beginning of our "Geo caching" hobby.  Go on the internet to
www.geocaching.com  and you will see where people have hidden treasures
(junk) in all kinds of objects with coordinates to find them.  This
gives you a chance to see areas that you would never see and is really
fun.  By the way Lake Whitney is due west of Waco, about 35 miles.  The
picture you see is us on one of our treasure hunt.  Ken and I are in a
grave yard that is very, very old.  I think the newest grave was 1906. 
We were looking for the grave of Indian Joe.  The second picture is Ken
and our friend Wes finding the cache at another grave-site that was
attached to the church pictured below.  What fun we had!  We left
Whitney March 31st for Lake Tawakoni.

05/02/2009 02:00:20

Mar 22, '09 9:05 AM
for everyone
Well we arrived after a harrowing trip through Houston on 59 and 45 and
then stop and go traffic on 45 after we left Houston caused by someone
leaving their Truck and trailer parked in the middle of I-45 North
bound.  It took us 2 hrs to travel the 40 miles from Houston to Lake
Conroe. Highway Hades!!  Upon arrival all is well, stress gone and
relaxed now.  This is a beautiful campground and as members at $3/day
it is more than worth it.  Great view of the lake, a bass pond and
catfish pond on site.  Lots of amenities.  We will add to this entry
after we leave.  Oh, one thing, should you come this way stay away from
site 59 it will be impossible to level your coach!!

03/19/2009 21:18:55
Corpus Christi, TexasMar 16, '09 9:01 PM
for everyone (Ken) 
Well, we arrived in Corpus Christi Saturday after getting the rig state
inspected in Kingsville (my hometown).  It is a pretty nice military
FamCamp.   There is a lot to see here in Corpus, USS Lexington, Texas
State Aquarium, The Big Tree ( a Live oak over 1000 years old) and the
Fulton Mansion just to mention a few.  Everything is getting smoother
as we iron out the bugs and get a routine for the moves going now.

I love this place!  The weather has been great and the water is
beautiful.  We're within walking distance of the beach on the Navy
Base.  We see lots of airplanes that are trainers.  I had no idea that
if a pilot is learning to fly he is in a plane that is painted red on
the nose, wings, and under belly.  If it's going down you know to run.
Ha   The sea food here has  been great.  In Rock Port there's a
restaurant called "The Big Fisherman" that was good.  You get a lot of
food and it's inexpensive.  Can't wait to come  back!

03/19/2009 21:16:52
South Padre Island KOAMar 16, '09 7:27 PM
for everyone (Ken) 
Well, we left Harlingen and headed for Padre Island,  We stayed at the
KOA Campground there for a week.  Did some fishing with my son.  He and
his family came down and spent the week with us and he brought his
boat. On the first day we caught 17 keeper Specks ranging from 15 3/4
to 22 3/4".  Cleaned and cooked up a batch of them that night and mmmm
good.  Went out once again and my son got the boat stuck in about 8" of
water.  We had a lot of fun pushing it for about 1/2 mile before we
could use the motor to get anywhere, fun, fun, fun!!! Jan, took our
grandson horseback riding and he really had a good time. Got a call
Thursday that the car was ready and we picked it up on friday.We will
leave for Corpus Christi on Saturday and spend a week there.

We had 3 days of nice weather and 3 days of lousy weather but it's
always fun at South Padre.  This is where Ken and I met 41 years ago so
we always reminisce.  (I'm surprised we can even remember it. HA )  The
horse back riding was a treat.  I didn't have to worry about Troy
because one of the guides held on to his horse.  I always think I can
ride and I get cocky, but once the horse trots I'm in trouble.  I can't
seem to stop the bouncing up and down.  I was sore for 3 days in areas
I didn't know I could be sore in.  It's hard to leave the beach, but
down the road is another one.

03/17/2009 23:40:17
Hey guys, here is a new site we're using to review the different campgrounds we stay at and to carry on letting everyone at home see where we are and what we've done so far.  It allows me to upload pics with each blog and gives me a seperate area to do my reviews.  We hope everyone really had a good time at the get together in New Bransfeld and survived the partying.  Wish we could have been there.  Check out our little journal at     http://braveheartsr.multiply.com/  

02/26/2009 01:50:19
We're now in Harlingen Texas at Tropic Winds RV Park.  Great park with lots to do, great Winter Texans and Jack Rabbits running everywhere.  The dogs are really happy to have the rabbits to bark at and chase.Went to the best flea market I've been to between Donna and Weslaco, called "Don Wes Market"  They had bathing suits for $5.00, name brands.  Sue and I were really excited!  Tom Fadoir, a friend of ours will be visiting this coming Saturday.  Talk to all of you soon.    Janis

02/19/2009 03:33:28
This is the co-pilot, Janis. Retirement is great, but boy have I been busy.  I'm doing water arobics every day and being so out of shape, I'm feeling the pain.  Today we went to Boca Chica, the beach south of Brownsville, and borders Mexico.  We stopped for directions and were told by a native that we shouldn't visit the beach because it is very dangerous with drug trafficers.  It didn't stop us, we nade the trip and were among many snow birds.  Didn't get to see any drug dealers, that we know of. HA  My email address is "jhunt0610@yahoo.com"

02/16/2009 21:46:29
Well, we are 6 days into our adventure and boy has it been eventful!!  Just before we left I took my car and ran a few last minute erraands and the engine blew, ouch!  Instead of taking it in there we towed it to our brother-in-laws dealership in McAllen and they are replacing the engine.  Now, my new King Dome satellite was waiting for me at my wife's sister's house when we got there.  I installed it the next day with out a hitch, had it fully operational and called Dish to come instaall the receivers.  Once again, no hitches. all went great but, the next morning zilch nada nothing.  Called King Dome trouble shot, now waiting on new LNB and two circuit boards.  So, as you can all see it is definitely going to be an adventure, and I should be an expert on fixing all kinds of things.  We are now in Brownsville Tx at the Tradewinds RV park with our friends from Indiana.  All of you have a blast at the rally in new Braunfels and have a few for me.  Take care and God Bless.

02/10/2009 14:33:25
Well, today is the day Jan and I have been waiting for.  We leave on our first big adventure.  The rig is all spruced up and lookin' good and rolloing down the road.  Looking forward to maybe meeting some of you on the road as we travel.  Wish we could be at the rally but we will be elsewhere then.  Enjoy and have fun, New Braunfels is a nice little town.  Kev, Kris said that if you don't give him a call he will be upset!!  He would drive up from San Antonioto see you. Take care and may the wind always be at your back.

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