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Making the best of work transfers

mem_normal OFFLINE
46 years old
Federal Way, Washington
United States

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RV INFO: Class A Motorhome
ROAD STATUS: Fulltimer
HAPPY PLACE: Pacific Northwest
EMPLOYMENT: Working Normal 8-5
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I have a pretty diverse technology background. My current company, Alcatel-Lucent Technologies, manufactures and supports equipment for communications companies like Verizon, Qwest, AT&T, etc. Switching, routing, carrier, radio, etc. I personally enjoy computers and gaming, LED lighting, and landscaping technology like lighting, fountains, and statuary. I am decently versed in security and surveillance technology. I have a 4G internet and DVR system in my rig, and have a realtime video link and home control setup for my home. I can get my hands dirty under the hood too. It is all centered around an HTC Thunderbolt smartphone with android OS.

I recently sold my business of 6 years and got a "real" job. Little did I know, it was not going to be a boring 8/40. Found myself traveling a lot, mainly between Seattle, WA and Anaheim, CA. After spending a lot of time in hotel rooms of varying quality and amenities, I realized I could live better (hopefully)and even make more income on the road by opting for maximum per diem (by NOT taking the hotel option). At least that is the plan! Initial investment into the coach has to be recapped, and living expenses will have to be managed. Should be fun overall, and in the worst case, a break-even experiment. I get a lot of questions about what I do to work and travel, but my situation is not the typical "work-camper" setup.

Beer and wine, the technology and of course the "quality control" part. I come from a hop growing and grape growing farm background so it is in my blood. I also work with an animal rescue group who specializes in pet detective work, finding and reuniting lost pets with their families through tracking, trapping, surveillance and good old fashioned gumshoe work. We work with local government and law enforcement in our area as well as the every day pet owner. I have a pitbull who is trained to search for lost cats believe it or not. I enjoy being out in the fresh air but just as much, I enjoy making my home (with or without wheels) my castle and sitting back with a game.

No idea yet ... trying to find out where I will camp/boondock near the city.

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