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Los Barriles, BCS, Mexico

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Belize was fabulous and we can't wait to return!

We are now spending the winter (7 months) in Baja!

Dave & Bettyann from Vancouver, NuRVers: Kev & Angie, Maria & Brian, Sam & Tracy, Jeanette & Dennis, Jim & Rene, Sini & Bob.....

Mifi's rock! But we are in limbo land right now while in Baja...are hard-wired to a DSL line and on the road using our iPhones with Mexican SIM cards in them. We also have an ATT GO phone for calls to and from the US when we aren't using Skype. We travel with 3 laptops, 1 monitor, 1 laser printer and a small scanner. I love our Fujitsu scanner!


01/27/2012 15:35:50
02/08/2011 16:31:54

We started full-time rv-ing July 2010 when we were both working.Bill retired from his 2nd career working as an environmental consultant 2 yrs ago(he is also retired Air Force). I am an accountant, working part-time - but it's just what I do, NOT who I am, really!!

We met in 2004 at my first "Hash" - it's an international "running club with a drinking problem" although I am not a runner! We hike a lot & love to indulge... We are burners and try to perpetuate those ideals in our every day life - it is a constant challenge.

Bill is a vagabond & I am more of a nester, I cherish my friends & try to keep in touch as much as possible - the RVing lifestyle is definitely messing with this!

We sold our RV in October 2014 to travel down the Baja and spend 7 months in Los Barriles, on the East Cape. We fell in love with the place on our rv trip down earlier in the year and decided we wanted to slow our life down a little.

Yoga, Dancing, Music, Hot Springs, Drinks w/Friends Hashing, Magic Cookies, Hiking, Reading & My Furry Bike w/3 baskets!

COOLEST: Tahoe Valley Campground - our first venture into full-timing started out less than a mile from our last sticks/bricks...easy first 2 months trial run and then we're off to follow the warmth! Loved the military famcamps in Oceanside @ Camp Pendleton right on the beach & Beale AFB.

Martin Verdugo's in Los Barriles right on the beach is super cool, with a great little tiki bar, a pool and weekly bocce ball.

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11/16/2010 16:17:08

BeBe wrote:
do you know anything about the campgrounds in Parker??

We drove thru Parker last year and saw some rv parks on the river that looked interesting. We are Coast to Coast members and some of the parks are Western Horizon which we have access to thru C2C. We have no plans other than AZ for the winter. No reservations yet any where. Thinking of visiting a bunch of parks in Camp Verde, Mesa, Casa Grande and Yuma areas. Might try for some work camping also. And I am still undecided on our route south from here. It is weather dependent and either thru Las Vegas and Kingman or head East and South thru Parker and Flagstaff. What a deliema we are in. The other night host here is from Prescott and I need to ask him (soon) for some advice.  

11/16/2010 02:29:50

We are heading south into AZ Dec 1, just not sure where yet.  I think Parker first. And we would like to meet up too. Where's next for you guys?

I did see where you guys are from S Lake Tahoe, we love it there. We have stayed in both the City CG by the Lake and Tahoe Valley Resort. Skied twice there. Love it. We were scheduled to volunteer at the city park  this summer but it didn't work out. We are currently waiting to see if we can make it happen next summer. Lets keep in touch to see if a meet up can be arranged

10/21/2010 22:29:36

For sure! We will arrange a time. There is room at the park here if you guys need a place!


10/21/2010 22:10:00

BeBe wrote:
just checking out Coyote Valley - looks pretty nice!

It is nice! It is a young park - in park age and age of people here. Lots of traveling nurses, geeks doing valley business, etc. Trees are small, and it is a little costly, but it is the closest to San Jose, which is where are family and friends are!

10/21/2010 21:16:47

BeBe wrote:
Where would I find a link...or will you send it to me once you set it up?

Here is the link to the Forum post - http://www.nurvers.com/forums/display_topic/id_312/

10/21/2010 20:56:04

BeBe wrote:
hey Kev, maybe we can post the NuRVers NYers eve party on the NuNomad Tribe Nomad Gatherings on their classifieds page?  Also, I have a bunch of peeps asking me about the Quartzite party - maybe there can be one place that has ALL the info on it and on boondocking in Quartzite??

Good suggestion. I am not active on the NuNomad site, so if you are, feel free to post a link. I will start adding more information to the forum post now that we are getting closer. 



10/15/2010 17:13:17
Look forward to meeting you, as well.  Let us know when you are headed this way!

09/02/2010 16:35:10

Awesome new avatar! Love the bikes. Ang and I had some furry decorated bikes last BM. Fun!


06/10/2010 03:26:47
Fellow Burners - yea! We were members of K-Svert radio station and stage on the Esplanade. Good time. We haven't been in a couple of years, but will be back.

For a blog, check out http://rvblogz.com/  It is run by members of NuRVers, and should be easy to get set up and rolling. Tell Jim and Rene that Kev sent you. They are great people.


06/09/2010 17:40:21

Awesome! A fellow Bay Area escapee :)I certainly love being FROM there, and love to visit. So happy to be out of there though! 

Not sure what you are using for internet connections now, but we have been on Verizon EVDO cards since we started and they are great. We are never without!

Hope to see you on the road!


06/09/2010 05:17:13

Hi BeBe - welcome to NuRVers! Looks like you are ready to launch in less than two months. How awesome is that?

Glad you found us - keep us up on your progress!


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